Top 5 Coolest Canadian Snake Details

Top 5 Coolest Canadian Snake Details

Hi Friends Welcome To The All Canadianreptile Girl With Me Annelisetoday’s Video Is All About Some Of Theamazing Snake Species That You Can Findin Canadawhen It’s Not Winterthis Is My First Proper Full Video Of2021so If You Missed My Happy New Year’swish A Couple Of Weeks Backin My First Short Video 2021 Happy Newyearas You Can See I’ve Got A New Setwe’re Still Tweaking The Decor Buti Think This Is Gonna Work Well Butenoughabout That Let’s Move On To The Fivecoolest Canadian Snake Species[Music]Before We Start I Have Another Excitingpiece Of 2021 Newsi Have Merch If You’re Looking For A Newt-Shirthoodie Mug Mask Or Whatever Take A Lookat The Link In The Description Belowi Have All Sorts Of Cool All Canadianreptile Girl Stuffand It’s A Great Way To Support Mychannel And I Really Appreciate Youchecking It Outthere Will Be New Designs In The Futureso If You Have Any Feedback Orsuggestionslet Me Know Okay On To Cool Snake Numberfivebull Snake What Is Thisno Not That Kind Of Bull Snakeboth Snakes Like Gurgle Snow Here Areawesome They Are Found In Southernsaskatchewan And Albertaand Are Arguably Canada’s Largest Snakegetting Up To Eight Feet Longlittle Guy I Think You Got Some Growingto Docanada’s Longest Recorded Snake Isactually The Gray Rat Snakebut Generally Speaking Bull Snakes Tendto Be A Littlelonger And Are More Thickly Built Thanthose Guysbull Snakes Are Collubrates Just Likerat Snakesking Snakes Corn Snakes And Gartersnakesthey Are Powerful Constrictors That Eatmicefrogs Prairie Dogs And Even Birdsrats Are A Favorite Too But For The Bullsnakes Residing In Albertathey Have To Make Do Without These Tastytreats Thanks

To Alberta’s Diligent Ratcontrol Efforts It Is The Largestpopulated Rat-Free Area In The Worldmuch To The Dismay Of The Albertan Bowlsnakespoor Guys In The Wild They Employ Adefensive Strategy Called Batesianmimicrythis Is When A Harmless Animal Willdisguise Itself As Something Moredangerousin Gurgle Snout’s Case It’s Having Apattern That Closely Resemblesthe Rattlesnakes That Overlap Theirrangethreatened They Will Coil Up Andaggressively Shake Their Tailthis Is Called Tail Buzzing Unlike Arattlesnake That Holds Their Tail Uphigh To Really Show It Offboth Snakes Will Hide Their Unrattlesnake-Like Tailand Shake It Vigorously In The Leavesand Grass To Make A Very Brittlesnake-Likesound They Also Posture Their Head Uphigh With Their Mouth Openand They Force Air Out Of A Speciallystructured Windpipe Or Glottismake An Extremely Loud And Startlinghissing Noise[Applause]That’ll Get Your Attention Huhand The Number Four Spot Is A Snake Thatdoes Not Need To Impersonate Arattlesnakebecause It Already Is A Rattlesnakecanada’s Fourth Coolest Snake Isontario’s Massasauga Rattlesnakethis Chubby Little Snake Is The Smallestof The Three Rattlesnake Species Incanadathe Other Two Being The Westernrattlesnake And The Prairie Rattlesnakedon’t Get Me Wrong The Other Twocanadian Rattlesnakes Are Amazingbut In My Opinion Don’t Hold Up To Themassasauga There Are Two Reasons Whythese Guysare In The Fourth Spot Instead Of Themonethey Are Found Within Easy Drivingdistance From My Houseand Even Though The Odds Are Slimbecause They Are Critically

Endangeredherei Might Actually Find One In The Wildwhich Would Be Incredibleand Two I Just Think That They’re Thecutest Oneshey It’s My List I’m Allowed To Bebiased This Two To Three Foot Snake Isontario’s Onlymedically Significant Venomous Snakethere Are Other Venomous Snakes Like Thehognose Snake Or Even The Garter Snaketechnically But Those Pose No Realthreat To Humans At Alleven Though The Massasauga Rattler Ismedically Significantthey Wouldn’t Normally Be Considereddeadly They Arevery Shy Very Unlikely To Bite And Theydon’tusually Inject A Lot Of Venom If Any Atalland That Venom Is Relatively Mild Youknowfor Blood Melting Rattlesnake Venomthere Are Only Two Reported Deaths Frommassasauga Rattlesnakes And They Werebothfrom More Than 50 Years Ago That Said Ifyou Do Come Across One Of These Guys Inthe Wilddon’t Try To Touch It Observe It Safelyfrom A Distance And Leave It Alonejust Because The Bite Won’t Kill Youdoesn’t Mean That It Won’t Ruin Your Daynext Up In The Number Three Spot Isanother Venomous Canadian Snakealbeit Only Mildly Venomous With Theirfangs Way At The Back Of Their Mouthso Human Animation Is Not Very Commonit’s The Plains Hognose Snakethere Are Two Species Of Hognose Snakesin Canada The Plains Hognose Snake Likehagans Hereand The Eastern Hognose Snake Bothare Beautiful And Awesome Snakes But Ithink That The Edge Goes To The Plateshere’s Why Look At That Adorable Littlefacein Addition To Being Super Cute Theplains Hognose Snakesalso Tend To Have A Better Temperamentthan The Eastern Hognose Snakesboth Species Will Feign Death Whenthreatened Or Stressedbut The Easterns Tend To Do

It Morereadily And With A Little Morelet’s Call It Stylethe Plain Sognos Snakes On The Otherhandtend To Be A Little More Calm Andrelaxedand Are Generally Make Better Petsdon’t You Buddy Yes You Do Even Whenyou’re Crankyjust Like Bull Snakes The Plains Hognosesnakes Use Baitsy And Mimicryto Look And Act Like A Rattlesnakein Spring And Early Summer Hognosesnakes Can Be Found In The Grassy Sandyareas Where They Feed On Small Animalstoads In Particular Are A Favorite Thetoads Who Shockingly Don’t Want To Beeatenwhere Are You Going The Toads Whoshockingly Don’t Want To Be Eaten Willoften Defend Themselves By Filling Upwhat They Are Making Them Bigger Andharder To Handleit Is A Very Common Misconception Thathognose Snakes Use Their Rear Fangs Topop Inflated Toads But That Fang Isactually Nowhere Near Long Enough To Dothatinstead They Will Latch Onto Their Preyand Let Their Mild Venom Sedate Andsubdue Their Mealwhile They Slowly Work At Swallowingtheir Newfound Friendsnew Research On These Guys Have Foundthat In The Hottest Parts Of The Summerthey Often Move Out Of The Grassy Andsandy Areas And To The Wetland Areasthere They Will Climb On Reeds Or Othervegetationand Suspend Themselves And Suspendthemselves Over The Water When Anunsuspecting Frog Hops Or Swims Up Theystrike From Above Like A Viperthey May Look Chubby And Derpy And Seemincapable Of Even Just Holding On To Youbut Turns Out They Have Some Seriousathleticism Who Knewnumber Two Is A Really Cool Snake It’sbritish Colombia’s Mightyrubber

Rubber Boas Are Great Littlesnakesas A Boa They Are Related To Boy Andpirates Like My Girl To Tubaor Romeo Here My Doom Rolls Boa Justa Lot Smaller A Lot A Lot Smaller Rubberboas Are One Of The Three Boa Speciesfound In North Americathe Others Being The Rosy Boa Found Inthe U.S And Mexicoand Boa Imperators And Their Varioussubspecies And Probable Subspeciesfound In Mexico Rubber Boys Get Theirname Because Of Their Loosewrinkly Skin Gives Them A Rubberyappearance And Feelmy Dad Thinks They Look Like Cat Poo Buti Still Think That They’re Awesome Theyare Very Gentle And Make Fantastic Petseven Wild Specimens Very Rarely Biteunlike Most Snakesthey Don’t Do Well In Warmertemperatures At All In Fact They Like Itquite Cool And Are Among One Of The Mostcold Tolerant Snake Species In The Worldsee I Told You That They Were A Reallycool Snakecomedy Jokes Folks I’m Here All Weekrubber Boas Live In A Wide Range Ofhabitats Includinggrasslands Meadows Deciduous Andconiferous Foreststhey Can Even Thrive Way Up High Atelevations Over 3000 Metersthey Feed On Small Mammals Baby Birdseven Batsthey Are Also Known To Eat Snake Birdand Lizard Eggs Tooin The Wild They Are Often Observed Withheavy Scarring On Their Tailthis Is Due To How They Use Their Tailas A Predatory And Defensive Strategytheir Tail Is A Lot Stubbier Than Mostsnakes Giving Their Head And Tail Verysimilar Profileswhen Threatened They Will Coil Up Withprotecting Their Head While Leavingtheir Tail Out Mimicking The Headand Presenting A Much Safer Target Forthe Predator To Attackbut I Can’t Imagine That Being Terriblysuccessful Of A Strategy Against Acoyote That Would Just Gobble Them Up Inone Biteor A

Hawk That Would Just Grab It And Gobut Better Than Nothing I Guesswhere This Really Pays Off Though Iswhen They Are Huntingthey Like To Seek Out Rodent Nests Thathave Bite-Sized Babies Inside And Theyuse Their Tailto Fend Off And Distract The Mother Whothinks That She’s Attacking The Headwhile The Other End Of The Snake Chowsdown On The Entire Litterit’s Pretty Savage But That’s Natureokay Here We Are At My Pick For Theundisputed Coolest Snake In Canadathis Snake Has An Array Of Staggeringincredible Abilitiesthey Are Fearsome Predators And Amazingsurvivors Canada’s Mostamazing Coolest Snake Species Isthe Garter Snake[Music]Okay Stay With Me Here I Know What Youmight Be Thinkinghuh Garbage Snakes Really Yes Reallylook I Get It They Aren’t Terribly Bigand Theydon’t Usually Have Dazzling Colors Orare Highly Venomousthey’re Super Common In North America Soit’s Not Like It’s Even Very Special Tofind Onethey’re Dime A Dozen And Easy Tooverlookbut You Really Shouldn’t There Are Sixspecies Of Garter Snakes In Canadai Have Two Of Them In My Collection Hereis Roy One Of My Four Plains Gartersnakesand This Is Dwight One Of My Threestunning Valley Garter Snakesif You Are A Regular Viewer You Probablyknow That I Lovegarter Snakes And Have Done Severalvideos On These Amazing Snakesso Instead Of Doing Another Full Deepdive Into These Guysi’m Just Gonna Do A Rapid Fire List Ofsome Of The Ways That They Are Awesomeand Why I Think They Nowtop Spot As The Coolest Snake In Canadamaybe Even The Coolest Snake In All Ofnorth America There May Only Be Sixspecies Here In Canadabut Overall There Are 85 Plus Speciesand Subspeciesfound Throughout North America With Ahuge Array Of Colorsthey Can Survive Just About Anywherefrom Canada’s Arctic Circleto The Deserts Of Mexico They Are One Ofthe Only Social Snake Speciesnot Only Hibernating In Huge Groups Butalso Forming Closelong-Lasting Bonds Between Individualsnakeshow Many Other Snakes Have Best Friendshuh How Manythat’s What I Thought They Have Acomplex System Of Communication Usingpheromones And Body Languagethey Are Exceptionally Cold Tolerant Fora Reptileonly The European

Adder And The Europeancommon Lizard Can Handle Lowertemperaturesthey Are Poisonous Yes I Said Poisonousgardeners That Eat Toads And Newtsabsorb Their Toxins And Use It To Makethemselves Poisonous To Eatthey Are Also Venomous Just Not To Us Atall But They Are To Those Toads Andnewts That I Mentionedthey Give Birth To Live Young Teenylittle Wiggly Squirmy Babies That Are Socutethey Are Everywhere In North Americawidespread In Mexicoin Every Province In Canada And Exceptfor Hawaiithey Are In Every U.S State Includingalaska They Maketerrific Pets They Are Reallya Lot More Active And Interactive Thanmost Pet Snakesand Most Importantly They’reso Cute Sothat’s It For Today What Do You Think Ofmy Five Coolest Canadian Snakesi Know That There Are Lots Of Otheramazing Canadian Snakesdo You Think That Some Of Them Shouldhave Been On The List Insteadtell Me Your Thoughts If You Have Anytopics You Would Like Me To Cover In Afuture Videoput That In The Comments Too Thanksagain For Watching Please Check Out Myother Videosmy Instagram Oh My Merch Check That Outtoo Pleaseif You Enjoyed The Video Hit That Likebutton And If You Haven’t Alreadyhit Subscribe And Make Sure You Clickthat Bell Icon So You Never Miss Anuploadbut Most Importantly Remember To Nurtureall Nature I’ll See You Next Timebye Happy 2021the Borrowed A Rattlesnake We’re Notborrowing A Rattlesnakefor A Video Just Keep It In A Tupperwarecontainer We’re Not Borrowing Arattlesnake For A Videowhy We Would Not Touch It We Are Notborrowingit’ll Be In A Locked Container We Arenot Borrowinga Rattlesnake For Video We’re Gonnaborrow A Goosewe’re Not Borrowing We’re Clearly Notnowclearly Not Now But We Could Havewe Should Have Carriervery Similar Profile And Heywell That’ll Be In The Bloopersfive Coolest Canadian Snakes I Can’treally Make A Five Butthat’s Fivewe Have To Do Something He’s Like Thanks

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