The TCL 20 Pro 5G is a sleek SnapDragon smartphone featuring And Review


So Today We’re Checking Out The Latest from Tcl This Is The Tcl20 Pro 5g And As Usual I Have a Few Extras For You Guys How Many extras That’s This Isuh That’s 10 Phones Total For subscribers Here On The Channel So make Sure To Subscribe And Then Leaveyour Twitter Handle Down In The Commentsas Usual For Your Chance To Winone Of These New 5g Smartphones From Tcl[Music]What Do I Have In Front Of Me This Isthe Moon Dust Grayversion Actually They’re All Moon Dustgray There Is A Kind Ofmarine Bluish Color This Is The Moresubduedof The Two Color Options Uh This One Issix Gigs Of Ram256 Storage I Know It Has Snapdragoninsideand I Know They Take A Certain Approach to The Camera Modules So That They Don’textendpast The Body They Lay Flat They’reembedded This Has Been A Trendamongst Their Devices

Their Flagshipdevices Over Thepast Couple Of Generations I Need Aknifewhere Do They Go These Knives[Applause]Perfect Thank You Very Much Let’s Cutthe Sealand See What This Is Made Ofokay So The First Thing You’re Greetedwith Is The Phoneitself Display Greatness So I Guessthey’re Making A Pitch Thereas Far As The Display Is Concerned Iknow It Is An Amoled Display And It Doeskind Of Curvearound The Edges Actually I’m Going Toput This Down For A Moment And Justcheck Out The Other Items In The Boxso You’re Gonna Have Some Paperworkthat’s A Little Sim Toolthis Is A Charge Brick Does It Tell Mehow Quick It Is Howhow Powerful It hink I Saw This Jack Did You See This18 Wattso I Believe This Is An 18 Watt Fastchargepower Brick Oh The Other Thing To Keepin Mind Right Now This Is Aiming To Bean Affordable 5g Deviceavailable In A Number Of Differentregions Including Right Here In Northamericawith A Target Price Around 550 Bucksso View This Spec Sheet Through Thatlensalso In The Package Is A Usb Type-Ccable It’s White This Is White Fairlysimpleunboxing Experience All Right Let’speel Where Oh We Can Just Slip It Rightoutthank Goodness They Put The Sticker Onthe Package Instead Of Right On

The phone That I Have Topeel It Off This Is Quite An Executivelookand Maybe It Doesn’t Come Through To Youon Camera But In Person I’ve Handled Somany Devices Withlarge Bulging Camera Units To Have Thissuper Compact And Streamlined Look And Imentioned This On The Previous Models Aswell You Just Lay It On The Tableit’s Completely Flat Does That Matter Imean It’smore Of An Aesthetic Thing Than Afunctional Thing Buti Think Some People Are Going Toappreciate The Fact That It’s Slickthe Whole Way So As Far As The Design Isconcerned You Have This Glossy Portionpolished Portion Up Along Top Whichhouses Your Camera Modulesbelow That You Have This More Brushedmaterial The Whole Thing I’m Pretty Sureit’s Glassfeels Like Glass And This Is Going To Bea Little Bit More Resistantto Fingerprints And So Since It Coversthe Majority Of The Backthat’s Kind Of A A Nice Thing To Haveyou Have This Colorindicator And A Power Switch Volumerocker Up Above Therethis Has A Headphone Jack In It Which Iswell That’s Kind Of A Nice Little Bonushanging In There On This Device Thatlooks Like Aninfrared As Well If You Want To Use Thisas A Remoteon The Bottom We Have Our Usb Type-Cconnector As Well As The Sim Cardtray The Speaker Is There As Well Andthen Over On This Sidewhat Exactly Is This Button Smart Keybutton So I Presume This Is Going To Beprogrammableyou Might Want To Have It Trigger Yourassistant Applicationnow I Can Tell As I’m Booting It Up Hereit Has A Hole Punchdesign It’s Actually Fairly Slender Inthe Handso A 2400 By 1080 Display At 6.67inches A 93 Screen To Body Ratio Andit’s One Of Thesesituations Where You Have Such A Slenderframe On The Sideand Everything Is Is Sort Of Fallingaround The Edge That Itfeels More Slender In Your Hand Than Itprobablyactually Is It’s One Of Those Designtricks Going On

There so It’s A 20 By 9 Aspect Ratio Soslenderand Tall Yeah Okay So The Only Thingyou’re Going To See On The Front Is Thishole Punch Which They Decided On Asymmetrical Uh Central Front-Facingcameraso Let’s Go Ahead And Take A Look Atthis Display Right Here And Jump Intosome Of The Settings You May Havenoticed That Hole Punch Symmetrical Holepunchup In The Center Of The Display You Mayhave Seen This Feature Before But If Youwould Prefer To Havea More Typical Bezel On The Top You Havethat Option To Enable That Or Just Toleave The Hole Punch That’s Probablywhat I Would Doso This Is That 18 Watt Power Brickcapable Offast Charging And They’ve Even Got Afancy Little Animation For Those Thatlike Thosei Think It’s A Nice Little Touch To Haveit There And You’ll Be Watching Theselittle Beadssort Of Fill Up This Rectangle Of Yourentire Battery Lifeand The Battery By The Way Is 4 500milliamp Hoursokay Next Up We Have Our Unlock Optionsso There Is Anin Display Fingerprint Scanner There’salso Face Unlock Which Is Optical Basedthat Will Comethrough The Front Front-Facing Cameranow That Front-Facing Camera Actually 32megapixels You’ll See A Selfie Test In Amomentthere’s A Smart Key On The Side As Ialso Mentioned Previously You May Wantto Use This To Trigger Your Assistantbut You Cani Mean As You Can See There’s A Ton Of

options For Whatever You Want To Do Withthat Smart Key It’s Up To Youlooking Around The Side Of The Devicereally If There Was One Sort Ofpersonality Trait To This Phone It Wouldbesleekness Since You Don’t Have Any Typeof Enormousbump Out For The Camera The Whole Thingis Very Slender They Somehow Managedto Still Pack In A Number Of Differentcamera Unitsbut Just Embed Them Into The Design Ofthe Phone To Keep Itreally Slick As You Can Tell Right Herenow We Are Going To Have Some Camerasamples So You Can See The Performanceof Each Individual Unit One Thing I Wassurprised By Wassome Of The Close-Up Capabilities Beingable To Getsuper Close Focus And Detail Here’s Someslow Motion To Look Atuh 120 Fps At 1080p This Wasthe Most Usable Slo-Mo That We Actuallytested On This Particular Device Likethe Best Balance Ofslo-Mo And Qualityhere’s The Super Macro Mode That Imentioned I Mean You Can Get Up Tight Onthings But You’ve Also Got Theversatility Of Anultra Wide Which Is A Must For Me[Music]Here’s The 1x Camera Performance Andthis Is Ina Lit Studio But As You’ll See In Amoment Here Even With The Lights Off Thenight Mode Isactually Surprisingly Capable To Zoom Inthere As Well You Just Saw The 10xzoom So Here The Lights Are Going Downin What They Callsuper Night And This Shot Was Taken Bymo And He’she’d Been Shooting All The Various Nightmodes And He Himself Saidthat’s A Pretty Nice Night Mode Rightthere Here’s The Beard Hair Test On Theselfie This Is Where Having A Littleextra Resolution On The Front Camerapays

Off And Here’s Some 4k 30fps Videoas You Can See Kovuz He’s Almost Allgrown Up Nowhow The Time Flies Tco Another Companyputting Out Some Smartphones They Haveuhshown Off A Little Bit This Fold Androll Concept But We Have A Couple Giftshere Thatuh Fired Me Right Back Up[Music]Sookay So Let’s Take Another Look At Thisdisplaythis Is An Amoled Panel Hdr10 Capableand 420 Nits Of Brightnessresolution 1080 By 2400 Pixels And It Isthat Slenderratio 20 By Ninewith A 395 Ppi Densityas Far As Those Cameras Go The Main Unitis A 48 Megapixel F 1.8 That’s A 26millimeter Widethe Next Camera Is An F2416 Millimeterthat’s The Ultra Wide 123 Degree Fieldof Viewthere’s A Two Megapixel F22 Macro Andthen A Two Megapixel Depthinternal Storage Is 256 Gigs With Sixgigs Of Ram And It’s Running A Qualcommsnapdragon 750g That Of Course Is A 5gcapable Chipset So There You Have Itthat’s The Tcl20pro 5g And Just A Reminder We Have Acouple Stacks Of Them For You Guys uh 10 In Total So For Your Shot Atwinning Make Sure To Leave Your Twitter handle Down in The Comment Section Of This Article good Luck

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