Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G Review and Details , Hands On & First Impressions !


Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) Review and Details , Hands On & First Impressions !

                      What’s Going On Guys My Name Is Wade With Tech Daily And In This Video We Are Checking Out The New Motorola Moto G Stylus 5g Now Some Of You Are Probably Thinking Wait Didn’t We See This Phone Already And You’re Right Motorola Did Release A 2022 Moto G Stylus Earlier In The Year Which I Reviewed But This Is The 5g Version Of The Phone And There Are Actually A Couple Of Differences With This New Device Beyond Just The 5g Connectivity Why Do We Need Two Versions Of The Same Phone I Don’t Know But Here We Are And Here It Is I’m Of Course Going To Go Over Those Few Differences This Moto G Stylus 5g Is Objectively Better Than The Regular Stylus 5g From Earlier This Year It’s Pricier Too So It Should Be I’ll Get Into All That Stuff In Just A Second But First Things First Let’s Just Quickly Unbox This Thing So You Can See What All Comes Inside The Package When You Buy One And I Don’t Know What It Is Maybe The Fedex Guy Has Been Running Over My Packages But We Once Again Have A Butchered And Half Opened Box It’s Pretty Rough Hopefully Everything Inside Is Still Okay Slicing Through The Sticker And Pulling Off The Lid The First Thing We Get Is The Phone Itself Which Fortunately Looks Alright Considering It’s Seemingly Rough Journey Next Up Inside This Small Cardboard Packet Is Your Sim Ejector Tool As Well As A Couple Of Sheets Of Paperwork And Instructions To Help You Learn About Your New Phone And Last But Not Least Motorola Still Does Provide You With Some Charging Accessories A Usb A To Usb C Cable And A Rather Underpowered 10 Watt Wall Brick But Hey At Least They’re Both Still Included With The Phone So With All That Stuff Out Of The Way Here Is The New Moto G Stylus 5g Once Again You Can See I Got Mine In This Seafoam Green Color I Haven’t Seen Many Other People Opt For This It’s Pretty Unique The Other Color Option Is A Traditional Steel Blue Which We’ve Had Before And As Far As Pricing And Availability

This Phone’s Full Retail Price Is Actually 499$ But At Least At The Time Of Filming This Article Motorola Themselves And Amazon Both Are Discounting This Device 50 Bucks And They’re Including A 256 Gigabyte Sd Card As An Extra As Well That’s Why You’ll See This Phone Listed With 512 Gigs Of Storage It Doesn’t Actually Have That That’s 256 On The Phone And 256 With The Sd Card For Free But Either Way A Pretty Nice Little Discount And Package Deal Going On Right Now And If You’re Interested I’ll Leave Some Links Down Below In The Video Description To Where You Can Get This Phone At Its Cheapest Current Price So Physically This New Moto G Stylus 5g Kind Of Looks Like The Non-5g Stylus We Already Had And In Fact Side By Side Apart From The Color You Can’t Really Tell These Phones Apart Their Dimensions Differ Ever So Slightly The Stylus 5g Is A Tiny Bit Smaller All Around By Just A Few Millimeters But Beyond That Their Build Form Factor And Overall Design Are Pretty Close The Moto G Stylus 5g Is A 6.8 Inch Device That’s The Screen Size Corner To Corner And You Get Nearly An 86 Screen To Body Ratio Motorola Opted To Bring Back The Center Hole Punch Camera Cutout Up Top And You Have Relatively Slim Although It’s Still Noticeable Bezels All Around With A Decent Bottom Chin And This Is One Of Those Phones That’s More Tall Than Anything Else Really The Toughest Part Is Just Stretching Your Finger To The Top Edge Of The Display But If You’ve Had Any Other Moto Device Released In The Past Couple Of Years You’re Probably Used To This Tall Aspect Ratio It’s A Big Phone Overall But I Know A Lot Of People Do Appreciate Having All That Screen Real Estate Around Back Like I Mentioned A Very Unique Sea Foam Green Colorway The Materials Here Are Mostly Plastic The Back Cover While Very Shiny And Metallic Is No Doubt That Cheaper Material It Looks Nice Though Sort Of Changes Colors In The Right Light The Sides And Edges Have A Combination Matte Finish With A Machined Like Polished Detail Slightly Curved Edge On The Back Totally Flat Front Screen All In All A Nice Looking Design Familiar

To Motorola But Very Much A Budget Build Though We Do Get What Motorola Calls Their Water Repellent Certification For Some Added Protection Taking A Look Around At Everything Else On The Left Side Dual Sim And Sd Card Tray With That Free 256 Gig Card Already Installed On The Right Familiar Volume Button Sitting Just Above The Power Button Which Also Doubles As Your Fingerprint Sensor And This Is A Great Setup It’s A Raised Button So It’s Easier To Feel For And Find Plenty Fast And Accurate I’ve Had No Issues With It Out Of The Box When I Set It Up And I’m Glad Motorola Continues To Offer It At The Bottom The Headphone Jack Is Still There You HaveThe Usbc Port In The Middle Single Speaker Setup And The Whole Point Of This Phone The Built-In Stylus Which I’ll Demo In Just A Second Center Hole Punch Selfie Camera Like I Mentioned Earpiece Slit Above That And Around Back A Triple Lens Camera Setup Which I’ll Also Dive Deeper With In A Bit So Let’s Now Talk About That Stylus And If You Just Want The Tl Dr It’s Essentially The Same Setup And Same Software Experience We Got Not Only On The Non 5g Moto G Stylus From Earlier In The Year But Also The Last Few Moto G Styluses In The Last Few Years Down At The Bottom You Get The Same Built-In Retractable Stylus That Pops In And Out With The Click Of Its Top It’s Convenient It’s Familiar And Removing It Will Automatically Bring Up Motorola’s Stylus Shortcut Menu The Stylus Itself Is Once Again Just A Simple Metal Pointer Tool This One Is Actually Thicker And Heavier Than The Non-5g Phone Kind Of Weird But Aside From That It’s Not Smart There’s No Buttons It’s Not In Any Way Connected To The Device It’s Just A Simple Metal Stick With A Soft Rubber Blunt Tip That Basically Acts Like An Extension Of Your Finger You Can Of Course Use It To Tap Touch And Swipe Your Way Through The Phone And Do Anything Else Your Thumb Might Do I Know A Lot Of People Will Actually Like Doing This Especially If You Want Your Taps And Touches To Be A Little More Precise If You’re Aiming For Smaller Items On Screen But Motorola Also Offers A Half Dozen Or So Other Apps And Features That Coincide Specifically With This Stylus You Once Again Have The Same Moto Notes App For Writing And Drawing All Kinds Of Notes You’ve Got A Coloring Book To Help Pass The Time I Suppose Shortcut To The Camera App For Video A Screen Recorder Which Allows You To Capture Anything You Do On Your Phone And Save It As A Video And You Can Also Customize The Shortcut Menu Yourself To Add Whatever Apps You Want Easy Access To They Can Be Moto Apps Third-Party Apps Whatever You Want And You Can Also Use The Stylus With Some Of Those Third-Party Apps Too Like Google’s Keep Notes For Example Not Only Is This The Same Software And App Setup That We’ve Seen Before It’s Also The Same Writing Experience In Utilizing The Stylus You’ll Continue To Experience

That Bit Of A Delay Or Lag With Your Lines And Letters There’s A Gap Between The Pen Tip And Your Drawing And That’s Because The Stylus Isn’t Really Made For The Phone And The Phone Isn’t Specifically Made For The Stylus There’s No Connectedness Between Them Like An Apple Pencil Or Samsung’s S22 Ultra So You Still Have The Same Rudimentary Drawing Experience We’ve Had On These Phones For Years Overall I Haven’t Come Across Any Noticeable Improvements ToThe Stylus Experience On This New Moto G Stylus 5g Compared To Like I Said Any Other Moto Phone From The Last Few Years Which Is A Bit Of A Shame But At The Same Time This Is Still One Of The Only Affordable Style Of Smartphones On The Market Now So If You Like This Setup And You Like The Stylus This Is What You Get So We Know The Basic Design Of This Phone Is The Same And The Stylus Experience Is Unchanged But What Are The Actual Differences Between This 5g Moto G Stylus And The 4g Model From Earlier In The Year Well It Really Boils Down To Two Main Things The Display And The Internal Specs Starting With The Display The 6.8 Inch Screen On This Phone Is The Same Ips Lcd Panel As Before With The Same Resolution 2460 By 1080 At About 395 Pixels Per Inch The Difference Is That This Moto Stylus 5g Gets A 120hz Adaptive Refresh Rate Display While The 4g Phone Had A 90 Hertz Display So While The Viewing Experience Remains Relatively Unchanged It’s Sharp For Sure At This Size Somewhat Colorful For An Lcd Panel And Bright Enough For Most Content The Big Main Improvement Is How Responsive The Screen Will Feel With Every Tap Touch And Swipe I Personally Do Notice The Difference Between 90hz And 120hz Nowadays And Using All These Different Phones And This Feature Really Is What You’ll Find On A Flagship Device So That’s A Big Plus Yes It’s Still A Shame This Isn’t An Oled Display And I Actually Think For A Nearly 500 Price Tag It Would Have Warranted It But I’m Pretty Content With The Display Setup As A Whole As It Is And I Do Think 120 Hertz Is At Least Some Difference Between The 4g Phone That Kind Of Would Make You Consider It As A Whole This Is A Big Screen That’s Great For Content Consumption And I Know A Lot Of People Will Appreciate It When It Comes To The Internal Specs This Stylus 5g Is Powered By The Snapdragon 695 5g Chipset The 4g Stylus Had The Mediatek Helio G88 Inside And You Also Get Eight Gigs Of Ram Here Instead Of Six Here The Geekbench Scores For Your Reference But In Simple Terms This Should Mean That The Moto G Stylus 5g Is 30 To 40 Percent More Capable Across The Board On The One Hand That’s Great To See This Phone Is Going To Be Faster More Powerful And Should Be Able To Handle Even More Of The Complex Stuff Games Multitasking Graphics Heavy Apps But To Be Quite Honest

The 4g Stylus From Earlier In The Year Is Kind Of Underpowered In My Opinion So This New Phone Really Is Just What The Older Phone Should Have Been On Top Of That This Phone Also Does Get The Android 12 Update So That Helps Make Things Feel Fresh New And A Little Snappier But Like I Said With The Display These Specs Might Be Solid For Like A 300 Device But For A 500 Phone I Think We Should Be Expecting A Bit More I Don’t Doubt That There’s Enough Here To Work With For Most People But Motorola Has Just Never Pushed The Envelope With Their Specs And I Think Considering Where This Phone Is Positioned In Their Us Smartphone Market Supposed To Be Kind Of A Top-Tier Device I Think It Could Use A Little Bit More Capable Processor Also Powering This Phone Is A Pretty Large 5000 Milliamp Battery That’s On Par With The Previous G Stylus And That’s A Beefy Battery Even For A Phone This Big Motorola Advertises This Device As A Two-Day Smartphone And Perhaps Some Lighter Users Could Stretch It Out To That In Most Cases Though For Me These Moto Devices Have Been Like A Day And A Half Smartphone If That And With This Phone Shipping With Just That 10 Watt Charging Brick You Can Expect Quite A Few Hours Plugged In When You Finally Run Out Of Juice No Wireless Charging Here No Other Power Features Just Motorola Continuing To Be Uninterested In Improving The Charging Experience On Their Phones Finally When It Comes To The Cameras This Is Pretty Straightforward Actually You Just Get The Same Specs And Features On This 5g Stylus As You Did With The 4g Phone So Around Back There’s The 50 Megapixel F 1.9 Aperture Main Lens 8 Megapixel Ultra Wide Camera And 2 Megapixel Depth Sensor Selfie Camera Also Appears To Be The Same It’s A 16 Megapixel Shooter And This Kind Of Surprised Me Honestly I Sort Of Expected Motorola To Differentiate The 4g And 5g Phones With Some Sort Of Camera Setup Difference But Like I Said Everything Seems To Be The Same Honestly Though I Can’t Complain Too Much Because Motorola Does Offer One Of The Widest Selections Of Shooting Modes And Features I’ve Come Across On A Device In Their Sort Of Price Range I Don’t Know That They’ve Put As Much Time Effort And Emphasis On Camera Tech And Software As Samsung Or Apple Has These Past Couple Of Years But Everything From Night Mode To Wide Selfie Shots To Dual Lens Capture High Megapixel Mode Pro Controls It’s All Here Just No 4k Video Still Which Is Probably The Only Real Omission And Taking A Couple Quick Sample Picks Out Of The Box I Do Like What I See Like I Said Motorola Hasn’t Necessarily Been A Leader In Camera Tech In Recent Years But They Quietly Have Made Some Improvements To Give You Good Looking Balanced Shots With Enough Detail To Work With And I Think Enough Features As Well For The Everyday User To Appreciate And Maybe Even A Little More That They Won’t Ever Use The Images As A Whole Are Good But You Can Tell They Aren’t Flagship Quality In The End Though A Decent All-Around Camera Setup For A Phone Like This So Let Me Just Quickly Sum Things Up Here This New Moto G Stylus 5g Is Really Not That Much Different Compared To

The 4g Moto G Stylus That Came Out Just A Couple Of Months Ago Aside From 5g Connectivity You Get A 120hz Display Instead Of 90hz Faster More Capable Processor And A Bit More Ram And The Android 12 Update For Now And That’s Kind Of It You Have The Same Build And Design Same Stylus Setup And Features Same Camera Hardware And Shooting Modes All In All I Really Don’t Know Why It’s Necessary For Motorola Let’s Make These Two Different Phones When They’re Barely Different In The First Place But Either Way Let Me Know If These Moto G Styluses Are Something You’d Consider Right Now I’d Love To Know Your Thoughts Of Course Hopefully You Guys Did Enjoy This Article THANKS FOR VISIT OUR WEBSITE

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