iPhone SE 2022 – Real Day In Review, Details And Camera Cheak

iPhone SE 2022 – Real Day In Review, Details And Camera Cheak

4.7 inch lcd display a15 bionic chip2018 milliamp hour battery 5g support water resistance touch id 12 megapixel cameras for 429now this matters though let’s see how it holds up in a real day in my lifethe first thing i did this morning was head to the gym at around 7 40 am i had96 battery life and since the iphone sedoesn’t have a notch in the display youcan see the full battery percentage at aglance and yes i’m connected to wi-fiand i’m using bluetooth so i could listen to my music while i work outthere’s something i really appreciateabout the iphone se and it’s the smallerform factor it’s very portable verylightweight coming in at just 0.32pounds i could easily throw it into mypockets without feeling weight down atthe gym if you like to take temperaturesor record your gym workouts the iphonese might not be the best option sinceit’s missing that 0.5 ultrawide cameraso if you want to record your workoutsfor social media and stuff like that youhave to put your camera quite far backin order to get the full workout inframe but on the good side you couldstill record at 4k 30 and 4k 60fps so ijust finished my workout it’s currently8 25 and i have 91 battery life on theiphone se i’m recording from thefront-facing camera right now

and i dohave lights on in here but this isrecording at hdso 1080p 30 fps i can’t seem to find 4ksettings for the front facing cameraalso let’s switch over to the backcamera so you guys can see what it lookslike it’s not bad you only get onecamera so you just get a single camera4k 30 you could record 4k 60 but it hasto be in high efficiency mode which idon’t really recommend because it tendsto break down when you transfer stuff towindows but if you’re solely using mac iguess high efficiency could be good foryou but i recommend just using mostcompatible especially if you createcontent and you like to transfer filesand stuff like that but yeah 4k 30 whatdo you guys think i think it’s not badthe only downside i said before you onlyget one camera it’s a 12 megapixelcamera you don’t get telephoto you don’tget night mode you don’t get cinematicmode just a simple camerais either you hate it or you love it forme i hate it because creating contentwith just one camera kind of suckswithout out the way i just finished mycool down did my workout and i have tohead back upstairs because i have a lotof meetings today it’s kind of likegloomy today it’s kind of like a deadday but we’re gonna make it fun i saidbefore today

is like working from hometons of meetings editing videos andstuff like that so let’s seethe first thing i did when i got backfrom the gym was to make my proteinshake and also i made some breakfastjust some quick eggs with spinach andpancakes i basically make this everymorning it gives me the right amount ofcalories i need to start the day off ialso quickly checked up on my emailsanswered as much as i could snuck insome quick tick tock scrolling of coursechecked on my instagram dms all beforemy 9 30 am meeting as you can probablytell i do have larger hands but theiphone se is really easy to reach allfour corners of the screen for the firstweek of using the 60hz refresh rate itreally made me feel sick and the onlyway i could get used to it is just notswitching back and forth between a 120hertz device and a 60hz device so fornow the 60hz is fine i guess the 429price tag will justify[Music]all right guys so that team meetinglasted a little bit longer than ianticipated it finished at 10 it’s now10 11 a.m79 battery life lift i think that’spretty good but i really wanted to topin with you guys to just purchase thisvideo by saying i keep seeing all thecomments in like my previous day in thelife videos in terms of the battery lifepeople are saying yo you could chargethe phone at work why didn’t you bring aportable char that’s not the point ofthe video obviously i know i couldcharge the phone but the point of thevideo is to see how long the phone wouldgo through the day without me chargingit to see how long the body would lastbut yeah right now it’s 10 12.um i have 79 battery life and we have todo a lot of

stuff i just finished myfirst meetingi have another meeting at 1 pm todaywith a companyanother meeting at 2 00 p.m today withanother meeting at 4 p.m today we haveto actually go into film something for another company soit’s a pretty busy day oh i also have topost some videos for el gato at 1pm aswell let’s actually see how the twittertweet is doing it has 108 replies if youguys see yourself here you know you thegoatsshout out to everybody here right nowbut yeah work done[Music]so for this specific edit i needed tofind a song that could fit the vibe so ijust went on tick-tock scored it for alittle bit until i could find a nicesong i found one ear dropped it over tomy macbook but then he hit me this is anelgato and dreamville collab so i shouldjust probably use a j cole track so idid that instead and started editing[Music]what’s going on guys we’ve been veryproductive so far it’s currentlyuh12.04 i haven’t used the phone that muchi’m actually exporting the first videothat we did 1204 i have71 battery life i did get like a couplenotifications you guys might have saw mechecking my phone periodically i justchecked like emails and stuff like thatcheck on twitter but now i’m just gonnaairdrop this file that i justtransferred that just exported throughpremiere pro over to my iphone becauseat 1pm i need to post that on tick tockinstagram reels and also send over toelgato and thennow i’m going to start working on myactual day job videos so we’re back toeditingwhile

i was editing i decided to use myse as a checklist for notion just tomake sure i checked off all the topicsthat i was covering in my edit so i justdon’t miss out on anything since i havea lot of things to do on a scheduletoday i just asked siri to also remindme when it was 12 55 pm because i had tohop into another meeting so at 12 55 ofcourse my timer went off and i took ashort break from editing because i hadto prep my social media posts for elgatoand also to prepare for my 1pm meetingwhich i’m 100 sure i’m gonna be late foralso i had some exports running in thebackground because i’m just a productiveguru like that so i posted onto tiktokfor elgato my twitter post went live andi also needed to post onto reels but iforgot to copy the caption and i wasjust so lazy to rewrite everything soinstead i just screenshotted the pictureand used live text feature on the iphoneto copy the caption itself that’s kindof cool also by the way i’m still notused to screenshotting like this withthe home button i just posted up all mysocial media stuff i’m like 11 minutesbehind on my next meeting so let’s goover to the macbook setup and see whatthey’re talking about[Music]now it’s about nine minutes to two andjust while i was chilling i had toupdate my team on slack that i did allthe videos for today and also started tojust get more comfortable with theiphone se the 2018 milliamp hour batteryis definitely starting to show itscolors i think the a15 bionic chip ismore poor efficient but at the end ofthe

day it’s still a small batterydraining a lot of poor i was literallyjust on my phone and it turned into idon’t know like 10 minutes meetingnumber threelet’s goso my third meeting was running over to45 minutes and i was getting superhungry as much i would like to cookright now i don’t have the time plus mycooking skills are very limited allright guys take care byeif you guys can see it’s now 2 59.so it’s 259 43 battery life left i don’tthink that’s good because we still haveto go out todaywe have like a full shoe that we have todo out today so i’m kind of nervous i’mdefinitely going to bring a power bankwith me or a mac safe battery pack bythe way one thing that apple reallymissed out on is not adding mac save tothe sein terms of sizeyes the se is a little bit bigger thanthe iphone 13 mini as you guys couldprobably see right here butthe 13 mini has a larger screen becauseof that full screen display it’s alsothinner the sc is super thin so i’mwondering if that’s the reason why theydidn’t add magsafe or they just didn’twant to give us like a premium feature ido still think the 4.7 inch screen istoo small in this day and age a lot ofcontent is now full screen or a 4x3aspect ratio and i just find myselfscrolling a bit more on the se to viewthe content that i need to see it’s alsovery clear how different the screenlooks since it’s not oled like forexample on the iphone 13 mini the blacksaren’t super black and if i look closelyi can see all the pixels on the screenbut that’s just me it’s also not thebrightest display it goes up to 625 nitsso next to the iphone 13 pro you can seehow much of a difference they have atfull brightness and yes i know this is acrazy comparison but it’s just forreference in bright sunlight it’s stilla bit of a struggle i tend to findmyself bumping up the screen to fullbrightness and then even then it’s stillhard to see what’s going on and in turnthat drains the battery life and alsoyou guys might not care but i do a lotof video editing on my phone and smalltweaks to thumbnails so things like thatjust stand out to me but the phone isreally fast exporting is quick andeverything just processes well watchingthe regular youtube videos and stuff arecompletely fine the colors look vibrantand apple-like also the text is okay butnot as sharp and i think it’s due to thelcd display i wanted just to show youguys what the camera caught would looklike downstairs and stuff but it’s hereit’s actually a really good day todaythat’s the back camera i said before youcan zoom in you have no telephoto lensit’s also

very windy outside so let meknow down below in the comments how themic doesbut we could digitally zoom inzooming in that’s the max digital zoomwe get right thereyou have the gardenerall of that good stuffjust taking a look at my handswhere that’s the quality you get fromthe iphone se3 27 p.m 33 34 battery life i have toreach this location at 4 00 pm it’sgonna try to eat as much food as i canand then we’ll get ready and head out[Music]shivan[Music]so i finally got to the office i meteveryone from the mobile syrup teamrehearsed my script and then we startedthe film hopefully i could tell you guysexactly what i’m filming but for nowthis has to be a secretare you vlogging right nowyeah i was actually filming like a umday in the life of the iphone seuh guess how much percentage it hasright nowfourshe’s closer twenty twentyum question my questions werehow do you use the previous se uh no iactually used the previous se i think itwas a 2020. that was fair enough howwhat are your thoughts on this right nowi think it’s cool but like just wait umthat’s controversial question oh what doyou think about the home buttonshould should they have gotten rid of itorwhy do we stick with it i like the homebutton but it’s so old school you know imean i think they could have placed iton like a poor button instead um kind oflike the ipad air so so it’s a buttonlike a printerthe thing that i don’t like about theipad air and the button like i just wanti just want face id becausethis just takes so long like i hatethis concept yeah i just feel like ittakes so long in comparisonthisthishas been a journeyi just started a youtube channelyo shout it outtake stuff with alex everybody um no ijust literally started and i was likei’m just gonna do a simple like unboxingof it i edited it on the ipad lumafusion no my fusion yeah now mind youeverybody keeps talking about how greatluma fusion is and i have 4k i had 4kfootage and 1080p it slowed down so muchit was awful it was so bad it was likethree minutes too you guys heard it herefirst all right guys so i’m still on setright now it’s5295 29 pm 15 battery life left i haven’treally been using the

phone that muchbut since like i’m just waiting for myturn to go i’m just gonna like i don’tknow the era just looks sick so i’m justgonna take a quick like a quick couplepictures for you guys so yeah let’s seewhat the s e could do let’s go[Music]personally i think the iphone se takesstunning pictures yes the colors arevibrant it looks sharp also just not themost versatile camera out there selfiecamera is also okay but it’s just notthe sharpest i’ve seen in a smartphonecamera even at this price range allright so i know i have eight percentleft right nowbut i just got heads up that i need topost i have to post a video for mymy day job so i’m just gonna quicklyupload that to instagram and also totick-tock[Music]all right so now it’s winding down mybattery is almost dead but today hasbeen a very very fun and productive ohmy godwe also got to check out the brand newbmw ix it’s a crazy crazy suv allelectric the torque the speakers arecrazy good the speed is insane man thisis a hundred thousand dollar car and itdefinitely felt like it so yes theiphone se made it throughout the daywell barely i think if i was pushing itmore it would have ended around 5 p.mbut today was just i said before verybusy and i didn’t have much screen ontime as usual today i got six hours and25 minutes screen on time with theiphone sei think i use my phone productivelyenough

today and that’s all that matterswhile it was charging i’m just going topick up a few deliveries i had fromearlier today which you guessed it themac studio so i could finally pair it upwith my studio display so far my threeweeks experience with the se has beenbittersweet there’s a lot of smallissues i have like the no wide anglecamera no night mode no tap to wakegetting used to not having swipegestures swiping down for the controlcenter by accident and the list goes onand on but hey that’s not the esee’sfault that’s just me having highexpectations for a low budget rangeiphone also it’s winding down now to 9pm so i’m just gonna finish my leftoversthat i left today organize all myfootage and get some sleep for anotherday tomorrowhey siriturn off the bedroom lightsokay the natalie flies are off

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