How to Usa Phonepe Application Full Details, Information, Tutorial

How to Usa Phonepe Application Full Details, Information, Tutorial

Hello Friends My Name Is Pratik Andwelcome Back To My Channel So Guys Intoday’s Video We Are Going To Take Alook At How To Use All Features Of Phonepay Application So If You Are Usingphone Pay Application Then You Mightalready Know That Apart From Doing Scanpayment And Upi Payment There Aremultiple Options In Phone Payapplication Through Which You Can Payyour Electricity Bill You Can Just Makeyour Insurance Of Your Bike Insurance Orcar Insurance There Are Multiple Optionsin Phone Pay Application So We Are Justgoing To Take A Look At All The Featuresin Phone Pay Application And How To Useit So If You’re New To The Channelsubscribe To Channel For More Videoslike This And Without Wasting Any Timelet’s Start The Videoso To Use Phone Pay Applicationobviously

You Have To Open Theapplication Firstso At The Initial Stage Uh If You Haveset Any Password Or Something Then Youhave Toenter The Password Or You Can Just Scanyour Fingerprint And Then You Can Log Ininto The Applicationso Once The Application Is Completelystarted This Is The Kind Of Basicinterface You Will Be Able To See Onyour Mobile Screen So Let’s Take Aroughly Look At What Is The Interfacelike So At The Initial Stage On The Topyou Can Check Out The Location Uh Whichis Your Current Location You Can Selectit Also You Have Direct Option Ofscan And Pay So You Can Select Thatoption And You Can Do Scan Paymentbeside That You Have Notification Optionover Here And If You Want Any Help Youcan Just Click On Thatquestion Mark Sign And If You Haveraised Any Ticket You Will Be Able Tosee Over Here If You Want To Raise Anyticket You Can Raise It So Apart Fromthat You Have Profile Option On The Lefthand Side Top Corner So

You Can See Hereandbelow Thatyou Have Transfer Money Option Now Inthis One You Have Multiple Options Soyou Can Directly Transfer The Amountthrough The Mobile Number If You Want Totransfer Through Upi Your Bank Accountyou Have That Option If You Want To Selftransfer To Your Own Account From Youraccount Only Then You Have Self Accountoption Over Here And Last Option Ischeck Balance In Transfer Money So Apartfrom That Below That You Have Phone Paywallet Option So If You Have Any Balancein Phone Pay Audit You Can Just Click Onthat And You Will Be Able To Check Outyour Balance Now Currently You Can Seethe Balance Is Low It Is Notin Use Right Nowso If You Want To Addmoney To Your Wallet All You Can Do Isyou Can Select The Amount Which Is Givenover Here Or You Can Directly Enter Yourown Amount And You Can Add The Moneyand You If You Want To Check Out Anyrewards You Can Check Out Over Here Andif You Want To Earn Money Through Phonepay Application By Referring It So Youhave Refer And Earn Options So You Canrefer It To Your Friends Who Are Notusing Phone Pay Application And You Canearn A Hundred Rupees Over Herenowwe’ll Take A Look At Next Option Whichis Recharge And Bill Payment So If Youuh Click Onsee All Option Over Herethen You Can Check Out There Aremultiple Options

In Phone Payapplication So In Recharge Section Youhave An Option Of Mobile Recharge Youcan Do Fast Tag Recharge Which Is Forcars Which Is For Vehiclesif You Are Using Dth Connection Then Youhave Dth Recharge Option Also Cable Tvoption Over Here In Utilitiesin Utilities You Have Option Like Book Acylinder So You Can Book A Cylinder Foryour House Pipe Gas Service So You Canpay Bills So I Have Water Bill Electricbill Post Paid Brought By An Educationfees And Rent Payment There Are Multipleoptions In This One Andbelow That You Will Be Able To Check Outpurchases Donations Andif I Scroll Down There Are Much Moreoption Metro Recharge Qr Ticket So Youcan Book Tickets Uhin Thisparticular Category Over Here And Infinancial Services And Taxes You Havecredit Card Bill Loan Repayment So Ifyou Want To Pay Your Credit Card Billsyou Can Select That Option If You Haveany Loan Payment Or Something You Canselect Loan Repayment Lic Insuranceoption And Multiple Tax Optionand In More Services You Have Clubs Andassociation Phone Pay Gift Card Andapartmentso Yeah If You Are If

You Want To Payyour Electric Bill You Just Have Toselect The Electricity Option Over Thereyou Will Uh You Can Just Select Theprovider Like If Someone Getselectricity Through Adani Electricitythen You Can Select That Option Bestmumbai Msc Msedc Mahavitaran So Inmaharashtraeveryone Might Know That We Have Msedcand Tata Power Is In Mumbai Sowhichever Electricity Provider Is Thereyou Can Just Simply Select That Providerand You Have To Enter Consumer Numberwhich Is On Youruhbill On The Electric Bill You Will Findthe Consumer Number Over There So Youjust Have To Enter The Number You Havetoenter The Subdivision Code And You Justhave To Confirm And From The Next Timeyou Don’t Have To Enter Any Details Youcan Simply Uh Select Electricity Optionover Here And Once You Select Thatautomatically Your Account Will Be Thereand You Can Directly Pay The Electricitybill Same With Other Things If You Wanttodo Dth Recharge You Can Select Theprovider And You Can Enter The Detailsconsumer Id And All And Then You Will Beable To Do All These Things So Inrecharge And Bill Payment There Aremultiple Optionsnow If You Scroll Downyou Can Check Out There Are Multipleoptions In Insurance As Well So There Isbike Insurance Car Insurance Healthinsurance Personal Accident Term Lifeinsurance International Travel Insurancerenewal If You Want To Renew And In Seeall Optionthere Are Again Much More Optioncategory Wise In Health You Have Healthplus Health Plus Plus Kovid 19 Andin Life And Accident You Have Term Lifeaccident Guaranteed Returns So You Cancheck Out Category Wise So That Is Ahandy Thingnow If I Scroll Downthere Are Extra Multiple Option Inphone Application In Switch You Willfind Train Flight Bus Wiki So You Cancheck Out Those Options If I Click Onsee All You Will Be Able To Check Outall The Things Category Wise So You Cansee There Is A Category Mentioned Sodoctor Consultation Educationentertainment So There Are Much Morefeature In Phone Pay Application Thanany Other Application So Yeah Donationwise You Also Have Donation Option Andfor Subscription You Can Take A Look Atthe Subscription If You Want To And Atthe Bottomthere Are Multiple Thingsso You Can Check Out The Restore Optioninsurance Option Wealth Option Andhistory Option In History You Can Checkout Your Transaction History Whicheveryou Are Done So If I Click On Historyyou Will Be Able To Check Out All Thetransaction You Have Done Previously Soif I Come Back On

Home So Let’s Startwith Very Basic If You Are Using Phonepay Application Only For Transactionpurpose Thenthis Is The Only Part Which We Have Totake A Look At So One Is History One Istransfer Money Option And In One Is Inprofileso Very First Thing We Have To Do Inphone Pay Application Is That We Have Toadd A Bank Account Soyou Have To Click On Profile And Afterclicking On Profile You Have To Click Onview All Payment Methodsafter Selecting That Currently You Cansee I Have Added Two Of My Bank Accountsso You Cantake A Look At That Bank Account Ismentioned Two Over There So Two Of Mybank Accounts Are Added One Is Indesignbank And Another Another One Is Kotakbank So If You Want To Add Another Bankaccount All You Have To Do Is You Haveto Select Add New Option Which Is Infront Of Bank Account So If I Click Onadd New You Will Be Able To Check Outall The Details Over Here So You Cancheck Out State Bank Of India Bank Ofmaharashtra Hdlc Bank So There Aremultiple Banks Given Over Here Sowhichever Bank Account You Want To Addwe Have To Select That Particular Bankso I’m Going To Add State Bank Of Indiafor Example So I Will Select Thatparticular Bank It Is Scanning My Numberor Which Is Linked To The Bank Accountand It Will Just Take Few Moments Andnow You Can See Account Addedsuccessfully So You Have To Click Ondone Over Here And After Clicking Ondone We Are Once Again In Payment Methodpage So Now You Can See The Bank Accountis Showing Three Number Earlier It Wastwo So One Is Industrial Bank Kotak Bankand The Last Bank Which We Added Justnow Is State Bank Of India So These Arethe Basic Step To Add Secondary Bankaccount In Phone Pay Application Anotherthing If You Want To Check Out Your Upid For Any Particular Bank All You Haveto Do Is You Have To Select Thatparticular Bank

So If I Want To Check Upid In Phone Pay Application For Myindesign Bank Then I Will Select Thatbank Andat The Bottomyou Can Check Out This Is My Upi Id Soif I Want To Explain About These Two Upideas So Now You Can See Uh In Front Offirst Up Id And Second Up Id There Is Anoption Of Activate So I Have Notactivated Those Upi Id Sothe Current Id Which I Am Using Is Thelast One So You Can Seein Front Of The Last Upid There Is Noactivate Button Because It Is Alreadyactivated So In Phone By Application Uhyou Have That Option So You Can Activatemultiple Up Id So You Don’t Face Any Upiproblem In Terms Of Transactionso Yes You Can Check Out Your Upi Idover Here And If You Want To Activateyour Upid You Can Just Click On Activatebutton And You’re Good To Goapart From That If You Want To Checkyour Account Details Account Type So Youcan Check Out It Is Saving And Branchyou Can Check And You Can Also Check Thefsc Code And Currently You Can See Thebank Is Primary Soit Is Myprimary Bank Account Also You Can Seethat Industry Bank Is My Primary Accountso If I Go In Kotak Bankso You Can Seei Have An Option To Make Codec Bank Asmy Primary Account Same With The Sbiaccount So There Is No Primary Accountgiven At The Bottom Over Here As You Cansee It Is Given In Indesign Bank So Ifyou Want To Change Your Primary Accountall You Have To Do Is You Have To Selectthat Bank And You Have To Click Onthis Circular Part Over Here And Youhave To Click On Confirm To Make Thatparticular Bank Your Primary Account Soif I Go Back Now You Can Seeearlier Industrial Bank Was My Primaryaccount Now It Is Not Now Kotak Bank Ismy Primary Account Soyeah If You Want To Change It To Anotherbank All You

Have To Do Is You Have Toselect That Bank And Once Again You Haveto Click On That Circle And You Have Toconfirm Then That Bank Is Selected Asyour Primary Accountanother Thing Now We Justuh Saw That How We Can Add Another Bankhow We Can Change Theprimary Bank Account How Can We See Ourup Id Now If You Want To Add A Card Inthis One So You Do Have An Option Ofcredit Card And Debit Card So You Canadd Your Card In Phone Pay Applicationso All You Have To Do Is You Have Toclick On Add Add Card And On The Nextpage You Have To Enter Your Card Detailsand Once It Is Done You Have To Click Onadd Options So I Will Do That Veryquickly And I Will Show Youso I Have Entered All The Details Overhere And In Name Section It Is Optionalif You Want To Add You Can Add It So Ihave Added Codec Debit Card Over Hereand Once Everything Is Done All You Haveto Do Is You Have To Click On Add Optionso As Soon As I Click On Add It Willtake Some Time To Loadwill Wait For Itso After That We Are On The Next Page Soas You Can See I Have Received An Otpfrom The Bank So You Have To Enter Thatotp Over Here And You Have To Submit Ituh Just One More Thing I Want To Explainas You Can See Over Here At The Top Uhit Is Charging Me Two Rupees Right Nowjust To Verify And Once It Is Verifiedand The Card Is Added In The Phoneapplication After Some Time Those Tworupees Will Be Credited Back To Myaccount So No Need To Worry It Will Justcharge

You For The Verification Purposeand That Amount Will Be Credited Onceagain To Your Account So Yeah I Willenter The Otp Over Here Right Nowafter Entering The Otp All You Have Todo Is You Have To Click On Submit Optionnow You Can See We Have Got A Message Ofsuccessfully Added Your Card And Now Youcan Check Out The Card Is Added Overhereso Same Thing If You Want To Add Anothercard Over Here So All You Have To Do Isyou Have To Click On Add New Optionwhich Is In Front Of Credit And Debitcard And Then You Will Be Able To Addyour New Card So You Can Add Multiplecards Over Here And As You Can Check Outwe Have Already Added The Bank Accountso This Was It For The Adding Purposenow If You Want To Check Out Your Upi Idand If You Want To Add New Card Or Newaccount Or As A Secondary Account Youknow What You Have To Do Now One Morething If You Want To Delete Yoursecondary Bank Accountfrom Phone Pay Applicationso Currently You Can See Indesign Bankand Kotak Bank State Bank Account Isthere So If I Want To Delete State Banki Will Select That Particular Bank Andif I Want To Delete That Account I Willjust Scroll Down And At The Bottom Youcan Check Out There Is An Option Ofunlink Bank Accounts So If You Want Toremove Your Secondary Bank Account Fromphone Pay Application All You Have To Dois You Have To Select The Bank And Youhave To Click On Unlink Bank Account Andyou Have To Click On Unlink Optionso Yeahyou Can See Unlink Successful So Onceagain Bank Account Is On Two So Becauseonly Two Accounts Are Remaining So Samething With The Card If You Want Todelete The Card All You Have To Do Isyou Have To Select That Particular Cardand You Have An Option Of Remove Cardover Here So You Can Remove Your Card Aswellnow We’ll Go Back To Home Screen On Theprofile Page Sorry We Are On The Profilepage Right Now And If You Want To If Youwant To Do Any Upi Settings You Have Anoption Of Upi Settings Over There If Youclick Thatyou Can Check Out All The Upi Id Whichyou Have Activated So Currently As Youcan Seeonly These Two Upi Ids Of My Two Bankaccount Are Activated But There Are Muchmore Up Ideas Which I Can Activate Soyou Can See You Have An Activate Optionbelow Each Upi Id Over There So If Iwant To Activate These Two Up Id As Wellfor My Both The Accounts

I Will Click Onactivate Now And It Will Send An Sms Andit Will Activate So Let Me Show You Thatprocess So I’m I’ve Just Selectedactivated Now And Now You Can Seesuccessfully Activated Following Up Idsso Upi Id Is Activated Now And Also Ihave Received A Bank Message Once Againso Let Me Remove Thatsame With Another Thing If I Want Toactivate The Last Up Id As Well I Willclick On That And It Will Take Some Timeand It Will Verify From Background Andonce Again It Is Activated So All Theupi Ids Are Now Activated Over Here Soif You Want To Activate It You Can Justgo In Upi Settings And You Can Activatenow If You Want To Show Your Qr Code Toyour Friend If He If He Is Transferringyou Some Amount Uh Why A Qr Code So Ifyou Want To Show Your Qr Code To Yourfriend All You Have To Do Is I’m Stillreceiving The Bank Message Sorry Forthatso If You Want To Show Your Qr Code Toyour Friend All You Can Do Is You Haveto Select Qr Code Option In Profile Andyou Will Be Able To Show Your Qr Codenow There Is One Thing You Have To Keepin Mind Currently This Particular Qrcode Is Of Indecent Bank So You Can Seethe Bank Nameand If I Want To Show Him The Qr Code Ofmy Codec Bank All I Have To Do Is I Haveto Slide And This Is The Qr Code Of Mycodec Bank So Whenever He Scans Thiscode And He Will Transfer This Amount Iwill Receive That Amount In My Codecbankso If You Want To Show Qr Code Of Anyparticular Account You Can Do This Stepnow Let’stake A Look At Another Thing If You Wantto Change Language You Have An Option Oflanguage Over Here And Once One Optionis Of

Screen Lock Biometric And Screenlock So If You Want To Activate Yourbiometric Which Is Your Fingerprintscanner Which We Saw At The Start Of Thevideo As I Scanned My Fingerprint And Ilogged Into Phone Pay Application So Ifyou Want To Turn That On You Have Tomake Sure That This Toggle Is Onand It Will Just Take The Biometric Fromyour Phone’s Fingerprint So For Phonefingerprint Sensor Sowhichever Fingerprint You Have Kept Foryour Phone Uh Unlocked So That Will Beuh Just Taken Over Here So That Youdon’t Have To Scan Each And Every Timeuh You Can Just Turn This Toggle On Andit Is Activated Now If You Want Tochange Your Password Or Something Forthe Phone Pay Application You Can Justselect That And You Can Enter Thepassword So This Is The Phone Paylock Uhthis Password Over Here Is For Phonepaylock It Is Not For Upi Now Uh Onething I Forgot To Mention Is That If Youwant To Change Your Upipinuh So We’ll Go In View All Paymentmethod Now If You Want To Change Yourupi Pin All You Have To Do Is You Haveto Select That Particular Bank So If Iselect If I Want To Change Upfront Formy Indesign Bank Account I Will Selectthat Bank And In Front Of Upi Pin I Willget Two Option Which Is Reset And Changeso Reset Option Is For Those People Whodon’t Remember Their Upi Id Sorry Upipinif You Don’t Remember Your Upi Pin Youhave To Select Reset Option And Anotheroption Over Here Is If You Remember Yourupi Pin But Still If You Want To Changeyou

Have To Select Change Option So If Iselect Change Optionwe Are On The Next Page Right Nowon This Page You Have To Enter Yourcurrent Upi Pin And Once You Enter Theupi Pin Then You Will Be Able To Set Newapi Pin So You Can Enter The New Pinover Here You Can Submit It And Thenonce Again You Have To Re-Enter Your Upipin And The Upi Pin Will Be Generated Solet’s Go Back And In Terms Of Resetif I Select Reset Option If You Don’tremember Your Up And You Have To Selectreset Option And In Reset Option You Canset Your New Upi Pin Using Your Carddetails And It Will Lead To Same Thingwe Will Be Back Once Again On This Pageover Here Only Thing Is In Place Ofenter Up Id There Will Be Otp Options Soan Otp Will Be Sent To Your Device Youhave To Enter The Otp And The Rest Ofthe Steps Are Same You Have To Set Newpin You Have To Submit It And Then Youhave To Re-Enter Your New Pin And Yournew Pin Will Be Generated Soyeah Now You Know How To Check Your Upipin So If You Want To Check Your Balanceas Well Bank Account Balance You Have Anoption Of That So You Can Click On Checkbalance You Have To Enter Your Upi Pinover Here And Then You Will Be Able Tocheck Out Your Balance So Let Me Showyoui’ve Entered The Upi Pin And I Haveclicked On Tick Mark Now It Is Showingmy Balance Now Current Balanceyou Can Check Out My Current Balanceover Hereso Yeah Again If You Want To Delete Anyparticular Upi Id Over Herelet Me Show You If You Want To Deleteany Particular Upi Id Over Here So Youhave Delete Option In Front Of Each Ofthe Upi Idsoas You Saw That We Generated Extra Up Idso If You Want To Delete You Can Deleteit Now Let’s Go Back To Home Screen Andlet’s Check Out Other Options So Let’stake A Take A Look At Transfer Moneyoptions If You Want To Transfer Moneythrough Mobile Number You Can Selectthat Optionand Whichever Transaction You Have Doneearlier That All The Transaction Can Beseen In This Page Now Let’s Go

Back Ifyou Want To Do A Transfer Through Bankor Up Id So If I Click On That You Havetwo Option One Is Bank Account And Oneis Up Id So If You Have Already Added Aup Id You Can Click On Upi Id And Nowyou Can Check Out I Have Already Added Aup Id Now If You Had To If You Want Toadd Any Uh Other Up Id All You Can Do Isyou Can Click On The This Plus Iconand You Can Simply Enter The Upi Id Andyou Can Verify And You Can Save That Upiid So It’s A Very Simple Step In Termsof Bank Accountif You Are Usually Transferring Yourmoney Through A Bank Account Each Andevery Time For Example If You’retransferring The Amount To Your Friendto Your Family And Each Other Every Timeyou Are Adding The Bank Details Likebank Account Number And You Areverifying The Account Number And Ifsccode So That Is A Hectic Job Becauseeach And Every Time You Have To Add Thatnumber But If You Don’t Want To Add Thatdetails Each And Every Time All You Cando Isyou Can Click Onadd Beneficiary Option Over Here So Youcan See Right Now Add Beneficial Optionisover Here So You Have To Select That Andyou Have To Select That Particular Bankof Which You Areif You Are Going To Add The Details Youhave To Select That Particular Bank Overhere So For Example If I Am Going To Adddetails Of Kotak Bank So I Will Selectthat Bank And You Can See On Next Pageyou Have To Enter Account Number Youhave To Confirm The Account Number Fsccode Is Not Required Over Here And Youhave To Enter The Name Of Account Holdername And Nickname If You Want To And Youjust Have To Confirm The Details So Iwill Do That Very Quicklyso I Have Entered The Details Once Thedetails Are Entered You Have To Verifyit And You Have

To Click On Confirmoptionand Now You Can Seein Bank Account We Have Successfullyadded A Beneficiary Account So If Youwant To Add Another Beneficiary Accountall You Have To Do Is You Have To Followthe Same Step You Can Click On Plus Iconover Here You Can Select The Particularbank You Can Enter The Bank Details Andyou Have To Click On Confirm Then Thebeneficiary Account Will Be Added Now Ifyou Want To Delete The Beneficiaryaccount All You Have To Do Is You Haveto Click On This Three Dot Over Here Andyou Have An Option Of Remove Over Hereso You Can Remove The Beneficiaryaccount As Wellnow We Are Once Again Back On The Homescreen Now If You Want To Transfer Moneyto Your Uh Your Own Account All You Haveto Do Is You Have To Select The Two Selfoption In That You Can Check Out The Twoaccounts Which Are Already Linked Inphone Pay Application Those Two Accountwill Be Shown Over Here And For Exampleif I Want To Transfer Some Money To Myquota Account From My Indesign Accountso First I Will Select The Account Towhich I Want To Transfer The Amount So Iwill Select The Quota Account Over Hereafter Selecting The Account On Next Pagewe Can Enter The Details So I Am Goingto Enter 100 Over Here And In Messagei’m Going To Add Testso Now You Can See Uh The Amount Will Bedebited From My Indecent Account Okay Soat The Start We Selected Kotak Bankbecause We Wanted To Transfer The Amountto Kotak Bank And The Amount Will Bedebited From Indecent Bank We Will Clickon Send Option Over Here After Clickingon Send Option Uh We Are On The Nextpage And We Have To Enter Upi Pin Tocomplete The Transaction So I Will Dothatso The Payment Is In Processing And Onceit Is Done Uh You Will Receive Asuccessful Message Over Here So You Cancheck Out Few Details Over Here You Cancheck The Amount You Can Check The Bankdetails To Whom The Money Is Transferrednow If You Want To Check Out The Detailsof Transaction We Can Click On Viewdetails Over Here And On The Next Pageso Transfer Details You Have To Click Ontransfer Details And You

Will Be Able Tocheck Out Your Transaction Id Themessage Which I Wrote Was Test You Cancheck Out The Account Number Over Herethe Amount And The Bank From Which Theamount Is Debited So You Can Check Outfew Details Over Here We’ll Just Go Backandthis Is Fortransferring The Amount From Your Oneaccount To Your Anotheraccount And If You Want To Do Scanpayment All You Have To Do Is You Haveto Uh Select The Scan Option Over Hereand If You Do That We Are On The Nextpage And This Is The Part Where You Haveto Scan The Qr Code So Currently I Havekept The Mobile On A Table Right Now Butas Soon As I Left So You Can See Youhave To Scan The Qr Code Over Here Andonce The Qr Code Is Scanned Once Againwe Will Be On The Payment Space So Youhave To Enter The Amount And You Have Toenter The Upi Pin And The Transactionwill Be Completed So All The Other Stepsare Same In History You Will Be Able Tocheck Out Your Transaction As I Told Youearlier And If You Want To Apply Anyfilter You Have An Option Of Filter Soyou Can Apply Filter Like If You Want Tocheck Transaction Only Of Upi Or Bankaccount Or Debit Card Or Phone Table Youcan Select Those Option And You Canapply And Thetransaction History Will Befiltered With Thegiven Filter Over Thereso I Think Nothing Much Is Left In Uhphone Pay Application All I Haveexplained So You Have Recharge Optionyou Have Insurance Option And You Canalso Do Donation Subscription

And Alland Transfer You Can Transfer Via Bankaccount To A Phone Paid Number Directlyyou Can Transfer To Yourself Accounteverything Has Been Done So These Arethe Basic Features In Phone Payapplication And How To Use Them I Hopeyou Have Got An Idea That How You Canuse Each And Every Uh Feature Over Hereso If You Want To Know Anything Uh Moreyou Can Just Write Down In Commentsection Below If I Forgot To Mention Anyparticular Thing Over Here Because Yeahthere Are Multiple Options And I Mayforgot A Few Of The Things But In Termsof Transfer And All All The Basic Stepsare Same You Just Have To Select Theaccount You Just Have To Enter Theamount And You Have At The End You Haveto Enter The Upi Panel Transaction Willbe Doneso That’s Pretty Much It For Today’svideo Guys I Hope You Have Got An Ideahow You Can Use All The Features Inphone Pay Applicationso If You Like This Video Hit That Likebutton Share This Video With Yourfriends And Don’t Forget To Like To my Article For More Info Like This Soi Will See You All In The Next One Than kyou

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